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  • This multi-paisley mosaic stripe sheer long sleeve blouse is the perfect summer/fall piece. This long sleeve blouse has a neck bow tie with a asymmetrical button up to the left of the bow tie.
  • Welcome spring in this colorful top featuring bright flowers and polkadots. Its a perfect conversation starter for the spring! The fabric is cotton with 5% spandex.

    Top fits true to size. Model is wearing a medium.

  • This color block casual shirt/dress comes in multiple fabrics. It adorns drawstrings on each side at the bottom and tab closures around the wrist. 100% cotton sweatshirt in the middle and poly in olive, blue, and tan on the outer parts that also boasts a sweater mock neck.

    Size fits S-XXL.

  • Solid long sleeve top with ruffle detail. Sleeves extend and cover your hands for a fashionable effect. This shirt has a great fit with stretch fabric. Fits true to size. Model is wearing a medium. 62% COTTON, 35% NYLON, 3% SPANDEX
  • England is on the horizon with this one! From Eiffel Tower, too Big Ben, and high end fashion dresses just to name a few. This sheer blouse has all the makings of a true fashionista! These items are delicately placed on a beautiful classic sheer blouse as the ultimate statement piece. Fits true to size. Model is wearing a Medium.
  • This graphic print v-neck casual tee proudly displays our cultural & natural skin pigmentation. This tee is a fitted one but has some stretch to it.

    Model is wearing a medium. Tee fits true to size.

  • Sale!

    This opened silhouette features luxury high end cashmere blend with thick sleeved and a green and red color stripe around this cardigan sweater. It has features a semi shrugged sleeve with long front.

    This is a one size fits most item.

  • Sheer Elegance Blouse – this textured sheer blouse is from the gods! Upgrade your look with this long sleeve and see through blouse. It features a full gold zip in the back with high puffy sleeves.
    Material: 51% Cotton, 35% Viscose, 14% Nylon
    Model is wearing a Medium.

  • Bring some Joy to their timeline! Step out with style and grace with this oversized cardigan. Pair it with HAH’s white jeans, a tank top and a pair of heels.
  • Bianca Longline Jacket - This jacket doubles as a blazer! The sheer bottom allows for a more sophisticated look when you dress this up. The sleeves are puffy and the jacket comes with a waist belt. This items fits true to size.
  • Leopard Print Swag Sweater- need a boost in your swag? This sweater can do just that. The versatility of this sweater allows you to change it into 3 different styles. This shoulder knotted turtleneck can be work as off the shoulder, half shoulder out, or wrapped around the chest. Pair this with a nice pair of sweatpants and heels.    
  • Periwinkle Cropped Hoodie - this periwinkle color cropped hoodie has topstitching detail. This top fits true to size.    
  • Pink Goddess Sweater - This faux sherpa pullover hoodie is one for the gods!!! It is oversized (see specs below), warm, and fabulous! The white cuffs are attached to the sleeves giving you a more stylish look with this sweater. *100%Polyester **Model is Wearing a Small Size *Bust : 52.75 inches*Hem : 41 inches*Length : 26.25 inches*Sleeve : 20 inches  
  • Tosha Shirt - A color block style shirt with balloon sleeves. Make a first impression with style and grace in this eye catching sweater/cotton blend combo. Shirt size is a One Size Fits Most.  
  • Teigen Shirt - features of casual style boasting trendy results. This boyfriend dress shirt features a lightweight half sweater adorned with a buckle for pizzaz! Make a statement and dress this up or down and either way you will garner a compliment. This shirt is a One Size Fits Most.  
  • Blouson Top - A knit bubble ruffle blouse with puff sleeves. Features a color block and knit detail cuff adorning colors of white, silver, and purple. This top fits true to size. 81%Cotton 19%Polyester  


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